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A life-changing course designed to help you rebuild your life following divorce or separation.

Save Your Sanity Divorce Checklist

Save time, money and secure yourself and your children when going through a divorce or separation – this checklist ensures that you have all your bases covered and you stay one step ahead at all times!

Heartbreak to Happiness: 7 Principles for a Healthy Divorce

The must have e-book to help you thrive (not simply survive) your divorce or separation!


We offer face to face and online programs together with motivational and educational resources to help you rebuild your life following divorce, separation or break-up.

About Pamela

Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Writer & Mentor

Healthy Divorce was founded in 2017 by Pamela Cominos. Pamela was motivated to develop Healthy Divorce because she saw a need to support and encourage people who had experienced the end of a significant relationship to move forward in life and to rebuild their lives in empowering, happier and meaningful ways.


“I loved the program, because the principles I learnt, I now apply in my life.”

“After I completed the program, I realised that life is too short!  I wasn’t going to spend my life in a battlefield with my ex-wife.  I was ready to let go, forgive and move on.”

Mark, 34

“I’ve had 3 marriages and after I listened to Pamela’s 7 principles – I realised that I didn’t fail – in fact each one has taught me so much about myself, relationships and life.  Today I live with a renewed energy and aliveness.”

Margaret, 59

Latest Articles

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  You are not your story! Like any story – how we view ourselves is a story that is constructed or ‘made up’ often from our childhoods, our past experiences and any traumatic events that we have not healed or taken the time to identify or challenge.  Generally,...

5 Fail-Proof Ways to Get over a Relationship Break-Up

  Too many people spend precious years and emotional energy trying to get over a relationship  break-up. Personally, and professionally I have experienced and seen too many men and women drifting or living in the past unable to get over a relationship and never...

You Are Richer Than You Think

  So many people crave riches or recognition, without realising that they are richer than they think. The intense desire to ‘be rich’ or ‘get rich’ is a desperate search for so many people, often to their detriment. These are the people who are caught up in the...

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