Attitude of Gratitude


Attitude of Gratitude

There is an abundance of scientific proof that when we have an attitude of gratitude, life is better. We seem to shift from a state of anxiety or stress to one of love and humility and even acceptance.


So why do so many people, especially when they have experienced divorce, or a break-up of their romantic relationship seem unable to forgive and even be grateful for the experience of marriage or the relationship itself (even if it didn’t work out)?

As a divorce lawyer and coach with over a decade of experience, it seems that many people are consumed with their own sense of right and egocentric ways of looking at the world. The ego keeps them stuck and in a world of bitterness and pain. The voice in their head, plays repeats their victim mentality and ‘woe is me’ story, and they become enmeshed with this ‘story’.


An attitude of gratitude requires us to grow emotionally and spiritually and to let go or re-frame the ‘victim story’. It requires us to be brave enough to challenge our ego and stop making ourselves, or others wrong.


The how is the implementation of tools and strategies into your daily life that chip away at the old ways of thinking and reacting and implements an attitude of gratitude.


Here are 3 ways you can incorporate an attitude of gratitude into your life:


  1. Journal at the beginning or end of each day 3 things you are grateful for in your life! For me I am always grateful for my health and my children.


  1. Find or purchases a gratitude day, each day pop a note in the jar with what you are grateful for – watch by the end of the month how full of gratitude and abundance your life truly is.


  1. Create the intention of being grateful for the day or week or month. This means that every day you ‘be grateful’. By being grateful, you do grateful things such as write notes or journal or acknowledge those who provide you comfort and love and at the end of each day you have a sense of gratitude and abundance.


For more information creating the intention of being grateful watch this

1-minute video.

Pamela Cominos is the founder and facilitator of the Healthy Divorce Program. To contact Pamela email her at  or call on

0425 303044.


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace any specific advice from a lawyer, counsellor or any other medical professional. The article is general information only.

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